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This is the original black and white Spy vs Spy cartoon by Cuban Antonio Prohías, that was featured on page 9 of MAD magazine issue #60:  January 1961. A rare found magazine … if you come across one then certainly add it to your collection.

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This is the original Spy vs Spy cartoon

In the cartoon neither Spy trusts each other and we see soon see why as they both dump their drinks out with out the other one noticing and then two cats come along and … the battles begin!!

First Comic result is a draw between Black SPY & White SPY

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Originally posted 2011-04-03 04:35:08.

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  1. Seth Green says:

    Good Work … I hate Cats

  2. Skedalgadia says:

    love these guys! – didnt know that the first strip was a draw though!

  3. Hugh Betcha says:

    I was reading MAD even before the SPY vs.SPY characters debuted. It was always one of the many favorite features of MAD. Thanks for the flashback.

  4. Dominique says:

    Actually, I think they’ve hated each other since childhood, if you’d look at the “Spy vs. Spy Jr.” strips from the “MAD Kids” Magazine(s).

  5. dubstep says:

    Good Work … I hate Cats

  6. I like http://www.ybcw.com, bookmarked it for my buddy

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